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OutsourcingTo.uS - Social Outsourcing

At OutsourcingTo.uS we believe that contributing to the communities we work with is inseparable from our business vision

2000 - Launched SolvePoverty.com click and give site at Oxford University with Princess Anne
2001 - Built 1st Pilot ICT Telecentre school for disadvantaged youth in Manila, Philippines.
2002 - OrphanIT.com launched as social outsourcing web development service.
2003 - Partner with Global e-Inclusion Movement on SolvePoverty.com click fund.
2004 - 100+ social outsourcing, web development jobs completed in 12 countries - work ongoing.
2006 - OrphanIT co-founds youth venture capital fund - Young Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (YSEI)
2007 - First 7 (YSEI) youth entrepreneurs graduate at GK3 Malaysia
2007 - Fund for Young Social Entrepreneurs Receives AUD 400K Boost at GK3 Malaysia

Current non profit projects

SolvePoverty.com our click and give site has been a great success since it was launched at Oxford University in September 2000 by Princess Anne. It has helped raise over US$350,000 , providing dozens of scholarships for youth entrepreneurs to Santa Clara University in Silicon valley via our partnership with The Global Junior Challnege and created more than 1300 jobs via our partnership (now completed) with global leader in MicroFinance - Opportunity International.

SolvePoverty.com has received more than 5 million visitors since it's launch in 2000 and over two million visitors since we created the partnership with the Global Junior Challenge

OrphanIT Inc - Sustainable Telecentres

OrphanIT Inc is our fully registered NGO based in the Philippines. OrphanIT's first major project was the creation of the Philippines first ICT Telecentre for disadvantaged youth from Tondo, one of the poorest slums in the Philippines. The centre, located in Ermita, Manila was created with CMED partners CCT. Since then we have gone on to assist more than a dozen Technology Learning Centres around the world with their education programs and curriculum and were profiled in the prestigious Harvard Business Review in an article entitled 'Serving the World's Poor, Profitably' in reference to our successful 'Remote Services' employment programs.

We understand that strong, sustainable communities are vital to fostering a healthy business. Our community investment is inspired by the engagement of our people in a broad range of activities with our key non-profit organisation - OrphanIT.com. Our contributions take the form of our people’s time, knowledge, mentorship and experience, as well as financial donations and grants from our firm. At OutsourcingTo.uS we don’t just allow our people to support worthwhile community activities, we totally encourage them!

To help us to continue to strategically direct our support to community organisations, OutsourcingTo.uS does not accept unsolicited applications for funding. This view is embedded into the culture of our company and is articulated as one of our cornerstone values. To this end we are working to provide opportunities for graduates from telecentres to undertake ICT internships leading to full scale jobs within our commercial outsourcing firm and non-profit ventures.

The Youth Social Entrepreneur Initiative (YSEI)

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is a high-engagement social venture program for emerging young social entrepreneurs in developing countries. Through the Emergence Fellowship , YSEI invests in young visionaries who have big ideas and who need crucial startup support to turn their ideas into action. View the YSEI website here - Youth Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

The start-up support includes:
• Startup financing up to AUD15,000
• Essential development knowledge & tools on social entrepreneurship
• Technical consulting through mentorship
• Access to diverse networks

Sponsors and Partners

Community partners

OutsourcingTo.uS works closely with a number of community partners to assist these organisations achieve their community objectives.

Internationally, OutsourcingTo.uS works with OrphanIT.com, SolvePoverty.com, The Young Social Entrepreneurs Initiative (YSEI.org), MobileTelecentres.com and The Global Knowledge Partnership.

While OutsourcingTo.uS embraces and supports partnerships with community organisations internationally, it also understands the importance of local relationships. Local community partners allow our people to make a difference in their community, through volunteering and fundraising opportunities.

Our social commitment

OutsourcingTo.uS is committed to working with all our stakeholders towards social, environmental and economic sustainability in all our operations. Through our ICT programs, we aim to fulfil our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen by reinvesting in, and contributing to, the development of the various communities and environments in which we operate.